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01/03/24 10:48 AM #507    

Eric Michelsen

Responding to Dave's request for something exciting ... in the last year or so.  I bought a 1997 Corvette - with only 9450 miles on it.  I still have the trusty Honda CRV BUT - an old age extravagence. ...I can't upload a photo of the car and me.  It needs a UTRL - its in my pictures in my computer BUT .....


01/04/24 08:41 AM #508    

Robert Grossman

Since Eric mentioned his Corvette, I thought it would be okay to mention that last March I traded in my 370Z for a 2020 Jaguar F-Type R with 12,300 miles I found in Chicago. It's better than I imagined.

01/04/24 03:42 PM #509    


James Yuille

My recent addition (November) although a bit old is a precious '39 Ford Barrel, flat 8 pickup, 74k miles.

02/04/24 07:55 PM #510    


Dave Medeiros

Anyone know anything about the status of the resoration of the auditorium at the old school?

Or, has that project passed?

Shea wants to restore old New Bedford High auditorium?

04/23/24 12:09 AM #511    

Joseph Ribeiro

We were on a recruitment drive for the hour to see Dan Rochester regional high group after your finish instead of coming back to school. We decide to go bowling at Haven bowling alleys and got the counter look at it that says what school are you missing a beat I put into the patch of my sleeves. Norman Brown high school guy goes never heard that's a private school because OK have a nice time and we did meantime we're bowling out our vehicles we had rifles Rifle machine gun mortar can you imagine that nobody ever knew we got away with it 

05/01/24 11:34 AM #512    

Louis Robillard

it is with a heavy heart that I report the passing of James Schweidenback in Florida in March of this year. Jim died of cancer. This is all the info I could get. Jim was my dentist for 30 years before retiring and moving to Florida. Louie Robillard,



05/01/24 04:08 PM #513    

Nancy Breton (Barrett)

Please keep in your prayers our fellow classmate Patricia Dragon (Rodriques).  She was in her 20's when she was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy and was raising a family at that time.  She spent many many years in a wheel chair yet never felt sorry for herself. She just accepted what God sent her way.  Her husband, Joao (John) passed away many years ago and Trish managed to live independently with home care.until now. .She has given up her home and is in a nuring home in Natick and requires 24 hours care.  Her condition has worsened and she is bedridden and can not answer the phone.. I will always remember her as the beautiful red headed girl walking down the halls of the Old New Bedford High School.. She and I remained friends all these years and for several years I worked as her personal care attendant.. Love you always,Trish,

Nancy Breton (Barrett)

05/01/24 10:18 PM #514    

Nancy Otis (Cusson)

So sorry, she had the most beautiful red hair

05/02/24 12:52 PM #515    

Barbara Fernandes (Lanagan)

Omg.  I have been tryiing to get in touch with Pat for some time.  I have an old number for her, I guess.  I wish I had known sooner of her failing condition.  I know she suffered for many years of mitochrondrial disease.  Last we spoke she was living in Sol e Mar.  Oh, Nancy.  I know you are a faithful friend to her and thank you for all you have done for her.  She is a sweet lady .  God bless her.  Please call me at 508 7286327.  I'd love to talk to you.  I'd like to even visiit her, if possible.  She was a very dear friend of mine for many years.  She is at Eliot Center for Health and Rehab 168 W Central St Natick, MA  01760  floor 3 rm 322A.  Although she may not be aware of a friendly card or note, but at least she would be  surounded by our prayers ans well wishes. 

Thank you.

06/03/24 06:40 PM #516    


Dave Medeiros

It's been 6 months since we tried it last ... SO ...  let's try this again .....

here's a challenge for you .... share something fun, exciting, or interesting that has happened to you since the last reunion or something that happened "back in the day" at NBHS that you are willing to 'fess up' to now  ...

Just before our 45th class reunion, my wife and I drove cross country (northern route) and saw many of the nationals parks ... in the spring of 2023 we drove across the country again ... more southern route and visited among other places,  Nashville, Memphis, Santa Fe, classmate Tom Taylor in Arizona, my son and his family in San Diego; then Carlsbad Caverns,  San Antonio, and New Orleans on the way back... fun trip!

06/18/24 09:04 AM #517    

David Roberts

Jack Nunes has been in home Hospice since Jun 6. The cancer is in his spine and rib according to Betty, his wife. He is still conversing and eating.

She just sent the email to Tom Hesketh and I but I am sharing with you who know him too.

He is looking forward to 60th reunion and I hope he makes it. My prayers are for him and Betty.

06/19/24 10:36 AM #518    


Kathleen Conway (Hickman)

Thank you, David Roberts

Please relay our healing energy, good thoughts and wishes and always love

06/19/24 11:43 AM #519    

Manuel Correia

Sorry to hear about John Nunes medical problems. We pray that he recovers

06/20/24 11:31 AM #520    


Kathleen Conway (Hickman)

At the Summer Solstice 2024 Sheldon King's 'Ambient Acoustic Guitar' is Heavenly.

06/20/24 12:35 PM #521    


Kathleen Conway (Hickman)

Along with the HSCC Band Cover Mega Mix of Fleetwood Mac tunes Posted 5 days ago! Namaste, kate

06/20/24 01:32 PM #522    

David Mesquita

Sorry to hear about Jack. Our prayers are with him for a recovery and hope that we get to see him for the 60th Reunion.

Dave Mesquita

06/29/24 11:18 AM #523    

Rita Ann Rosa

So sorry to hear about John Nunes.  He;s in my thoughts and prayers.  Sending good vibes his way.  God Bless.

06/29/24 04:16 PM #524    


Ray Ferreira

I have been calling Jack Nunes for months, 2 or 3 times a week.  He is receiving treatment  in the morning and always tells me to call after 11 AM.  Lately, no one picks up the phone when I call.  I have known Jack since 1957, (Lincoln Elem, School).   My Prayers are with him and his family.  During his last call to me, he said that his daughter was staying with Jack and Betty.

06/30/24 12:31 AM #525    


Maria de Melo (Gulla)

Jack is someone I know well from the old neighborhood.  We understand each other on so  many levels.   We understood how hard our parents worked and how difficult it was to assimilate.  Jack was so talented in so many ways. Please , I hope through this venue that I cdn convey my best wishes for his recovery. Please, anyone in touch with him, please let him and family know. 

06/30/24 11:49 AM #526    


Ray Ferreira

Maria Gula

When I call Jack Nunes today, I will send him and his family, your fine wishes, kind hopes, and best regards.

07/02/24 08:03 AM #527    

David Roberts

I am sorry to say that Jack Nunes passed away on Saturday, 29 Jun.

He was a good friend for a long time.  I will miss him.

07/02/24 10:24 AM #528    


Ray Ferreira

I just received a telephone call from Jack's wife, Betty.  Jack died at home on Saturday June 29, 2024, in California.
I knew Jack since 1957 (Lincoln Elem. School).  May he rest in Peace.

07/03/24 06:37 AM #529    

Peter Hawes

Jack.    I will miss you. I have fond memories of you especially in Mr Cabral's science class at Normandin. Jack was easy to  be around. Loved his big genuine smile and laugh. We reconnected a few yrs ago  & had  dinner with he & Betty at reunion time.  Had a special love for animals. Years ago  owned a convenience store / gas station near Seattle. I frequented it on my visits to  see my son.   Yes my friend Rest in peace 




07/03/24 10:30 AM #530    

Barbara Fernandes (Lanagan)

So very sorry to hear the news of Jack Nunes passing. I enjoyed talking to him everyday on Facebook. He was a good man. Fellow cat lover. He was brave and kind. God bless him and his family.

07/05/24 08:41 AM #531    

Arthur Fortes

REST IN,PEACE, JACK!! You will be missed!  

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