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11/29/22 01:01 PM #465    

Ray Ferreira

Great photos Dave  !!!!

12/22/22 07:50 PM #466    


Dave Medeiros

Christmas Candlelight Service, 15 Johnny Cake Hl, New Bedford, MA  02740-6318, United States, December 18 2022 | AllEvents.inCapitol Theatre in New Bedford, MA - Cinema TreasuresI loved downtown New Bedford around the holidays. Christmas Carols played  in the air, the smell of… | New bedford, Bedford massachusetts, Holidays  around the worldEmily, a 49 year-old Asian elephant, carries a used Christmas tree with her  trunk at the Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford, Massachusetts January 16,  2014. A resident of Provincetown, Massachusetts collectedThe New Bedford Port Society – Seamen's Bethel and Mariner's HomeSaint Anthony of Padua: Welcome to St Anthony of Padua!Snapshots of a Blizzard (Dartmouth & New Bedford) - January 4th, 2018 —  Adam GravesATOS | The Zeiterion Theatre New Bedford, MAAntonio's Restaurant New Bedford, MA | Portuguese FoodWhy New Bedford Is the Place to Be on New Year's Eve

12/22/22 10:39 PM #467    


Maria de Melo (Gulla)

Wonderful!  Thank you 

12/23/22 09:21 AM #468    

David Mesquita

Another triiumph !!!!!  yes

12/23/22 11:43 AM #469    


Jack (John) Nunes

12/23/22 01:26 PM #470    


Dave Medeiros

Beautiful sunset/sunrise


The NB pictures are old/new familiar sites

12/23/22 06:03 PM #471    

Ray Ferreira

The old NB photos always bring back a lot of memories.  Thanks Dave and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2023.

12/31/22 08:09 PM #472    


Dave Medeiros

01/01/23 09:44 AM #473    


James Casey

Happy New Year, Capt. Dave! Hope all is well... I'm planning to take on a few jobs this year and I need a good wheel man that knows the area quite well. Interested?  LOL  Hope you and the family are doing well. Stay happy and healthy, my friend!  yesdevil

01/01/23 05:02 PM #474    

Manuel Correia

Happy New Year to one and all. May we be healthy and wise this coming year.

Manny C

01/01/23 05:15 PM #475    

Ray Ferreira

To all my Classmates from NBHS Class of 1965, have a safe, healthy and prosperous  New Year in 2023.

Be safe, be healthy, be happy, and be Blessed all year long.


01/02/23 12:01 PM #476    


Jack (John) Nunes

I hope everyone has a great year and stays safe. #65 is coming soon. 

01/03/23 10:10 AM #477    


Dave Medeiros






























































































01/04/23 11:42 AM #478    

Rosalyn Tabachnik (Schneid)

Terrific!  Keep them coming!

01/04/23 01:21 PM #479    

Ray Ferreira

Wow --  I must be older than dirt because I remembered them all.............   LOL

01/04/23 07:12 PM #480    


Karen von Bergen

Love it, as always, Dave! You are the best at finding these things for us. Keep 'em coming!

BTW, it was merthiolate that stung, not the mercurochrome. I know first hand about that, lol!

01/10/23 03:58 PM #481    


Dave Medeiros

01/10/23 04:05 PM #482    


Dave Medeiros




01/11/23 03:58 PM #483    

Manuel Correia

Thanks Dave, that was the best time, very simple. We were happier back then and the challenging words just rolled off of backs. Most of us lived to see another sun rise.

01/11/23 05:36 PM #484    


Amelia Leontire (White)

Thank you Dave, I always look forward to your posts!

P. S  or is it PS? 

 I must change my picture some day, grey hair has taken over!



01/12/23 07:28 PM #485    


Dave Medeiros

Grey is the new blonde!

01/14/23 05:34 PM #486    

Ray Ferreira

Excellent   !!!!   All the old song titles and lyrics of Our generation  !!!

02/12/23 12:51 PM #487    


Dave Medeiros

In the '60s, people took LSD to make the world weird. 

Now the world is weird, and people take Prozac to make it normal.

02/13/23 09:55 AM #488    

Barbara Fernandes (Lanagan)

Hello fellow classmates.  It is nice to look back on some of the old things, but id like to hear more about how we are doing now. What our situations are.  Are we living alone, with family, assisted living, do some of us need a call once in while?  Does anyone need help period.  And how can we help each other?  A call chain for those who need it.  ?? Any suggestions?  

02/13/23 11:30 AM #489    


Jack (John) Nunes

Thanks for the nice thought Barbara. 

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