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10/11/20 07:43 PM #2    

Joseph Augustyn

So sorry to hear of Roger's passing. We were at Normandin together and, at NBHS, he was my everyday lunch partner.  He was different in the best sense of the term. I remember clearly being on edge riding in his fast cars after class, but also remember his loyalty and expressed concern for all of his friends. Many of my memories of junior and high school contain images of Roger. May you Rest In Peace brother. 

10/12/20 10:49 AM #3    

James Casey

The tackle on my right side at NJHS. The Engineer. The automobile fanatic. The Lionel Trains expert. That deep, raspy, voice that can never be forgotten. Roger was one of a kind, to say the least. Sadly, his later years were very difficult for him. He went through many trials and tribulations, but Roger was always Roger. Sad to see yet another old teammate pass on. From the playgrounds of the North End to the streets that were his "race tracks", Roger was a huge personality who will always be remembered for his good heart and his rugged individuality. May he find a painless peace next to the Lord for all Eternity. RIP, big guy...may you never forget another "snap count" playing on God's front line.  ☺ ♥

10/12/20 11:35 AM #4    

Peter Pappas

Very sorry to hear about Roger's passing.  He was a good friend at Normandin and NBHS and regardless of his gruff style he was a good guy.  He lived near my father's lunch counter and near Konnie Yank's house and we spent many hours walking around Acushnet Avenue and down Wood Street to Acushnet.  We played football together at Normandin and I can tell you that blocking Roger was an intimidating act.  As Joe said, riding around in his car was scary.  But he was always a good friend.  Miss you, Roger

10/12/20 03:39 PM #5    

Dennis Hammond

So sorry to learn of Roger's passing. He was a friend since kindergarten in Jireh Swift school, Normandin, New Bedford High and beyond. My condolences to his family. Rest In Peace my friend, Dennis

10/13/20 07:05 AM #6    

Maria de Melo (Gulla)


So very sorry at the loss of our classmate, Roger Goyette.  I remember him at Normandin, NBHS, and Del's Drive Inn.  He was very active in planning our 45th reunion.   Most recently, he shared poetry he wrote in his Facebook page.  He was one of the administrators of our website and contributed the military page honoring our classmates who are veterans. Thank you for your service, Roger.  May you Rest In Peace.    

10/13/20 03:36 PM #7    

Henry Laferriere

So many unshakeable memories of Roger    ...... breaking through the ice at Brooklawn Parkto see who got wettest  ......performing.funny skits on camping trips with Boy Scout Troop 14 .... walking the outfall pipes along the Acushnet River  ....camping on  the roof of an abandoned wharehouse and getting sent home by the police at 1 am.....and, ....... many,  many Normandin stories.

The class of '65 honor your effrorts with reunion planning and your contribution to the military page of the website.  

Rest in Peace, Brother. You earned it!



10/14/20 10:24 AM #8    

Dave Medeiros

Roger was one of a kind!  A real friend to the Class of  '65 and a friend of all those who served our country.  He was proud of the class military page and was dilligent in seeing that veteran classmates were honored.  At ease, soldier!  Rest at peace!

10/15/20 11:51 AM #9    

Robert Costa

I am sorry to hear of the passing of Roger Goyette.  We both played football at Normandin Junior High School.  I remember him as being tough on the football gridiron, but a nice person on and off of the field.

10/23/20 08:55 PM #10    

Gary Bellavance (Gary Bellavance)

Gary Bellavance    
If I know Roger, he is most likely racing that old 57 ford we use to take to conn dragway on Friday nights!!!

God Bless my old friend and fellow Vietnam Veteran!!! Miss you




10/24/20 01:52 PM #11    

Barbara Fernandes (Lanagan)

So very sorry to hear of Roger's passing. I knew him from Normandin jr high and he. Wish I had got to know him better. He was and is a "north end" legend. May he forever rest in peace.

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