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Do you have some info to share with classmates? Here is the place to do so!
20 New Bedford Folk Festival - 2022
06/12/22 01:01 PM by Dave Medeiros
2 Goodbye, Tom
03/17/20 09:27 AM by Dave Medeiros
Posters, bumper stickers and signs that make you smile
12 Hello darkness ... ???
05/23/21 07:55 PM by Dave Medeiros
open for classmates' comments
22 Paul Boisvert Chemistry teacher has passed
12/30/21 08:21 PM by Dave Medeiros
Something to Smile about....
19 Miss New Hampshire
02/13/18 03:39 PM by Maria de Melo Gulla
laugh a little, just for fun
23 This is from Ray Ferreira
04/21/21 04:55 PM by Dave Medeiros
Various Subjects described about our old home town.
23 New Bedford Hurricane Barrier
05/09/22 08:35 PM by Dave Medeiros
... and others thoughts from 'back in the day'
17 Post Covid poll
11/23/21 06:12 PM by Maria de Melo Gulla
Open for classmate comments
37 Favorite Smoothie Recipes
03/11/16 09:18 AM by Kathleen Conway Hickman
Feel free to jump in.....
35 Coffee Syrup, anyone?
04/22/19 04:51 PM by Dave Medeiros
Are there any special places that you remember from your high school days that are no longer there? Remember them here!
3 New Bedford 1961 - 1965
11/01/13 11:26 AM by Dave Medeiros
25 Trivia: Rise and fall of New Bedford’s discount stores
07/30/18 08:26 PM by Dave Medeiros
Sites on the National Register
4 Video from 1960's
10/30/14 05:10 PM by Dave Medeiros
Pictures and drawing related to New Bedford
2 Video - New Bedford
05/09/16 09:11 PM by Dave Medeiros
Add anything that comes to mind ...
11 Winter ... taken from Don G's Facebook
07/12/21 03:53 PM by Dave Medeiros
thoughts and reflections about the President of 'Camalot'
1 Thoughts on November 22, 1963
11/03/13 10:35 PM by Maria de Melo Gulla
Meeting nights for the music gatherings
1 Classmates (and friends) Jam sessions continue
01/06/21 01:21 PM by Kathleen Conway Hickman
REUNION COMMENTS ... let everyone know what you enjoyed!
17 Our 50th Class reunion remembered
09/01/15 06:17 AM by Maria de Melo Gulla
committee meetings minutes and dates
12 An old picture of NBHS
10/21/20 08:56 PM by Dave Medeiros