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Regardless of whom you are supporting for president in November, we can agree that many actors played a US president, fact or fiction, in movies superbly. Who do you think did the best job acting as a US president in a hit movie?

  Harrison Ford, "Air Force One, " fiction
  Kevin Costner, "JFK," non fiction
  Daniel Day-Lewis, "Lincoln, " non fiction
  Anthony Hopkins, "Amistad, " non fiction
  Michael Douglas, "American President, " fiction
  Kevin Costner, "Thirteen Days, " non fiction


•   Diane Lawrence  8/27
•   Irene Patnaude (Jardin)  8/27
•   Stephen Ferreira  8/31
•   James Yuille  9/1
•   Robert Barboza  9/5
•   Rita Ann Rosa  9/6
•   Robert Alves  9/8
•   Diane Sulyma (Davignon)  9/8
•   Katherine Furtado (Arruda)  9/9
•   Patricia Botelho (Michaud)  9/10
•   Louise Bishop  9/11
•   Sheila Rogers (Allen)  9/11
•   Betty Roberts (Brosseau)  9/15
•   Edith Sylvia (Ventura)  9/16
•   Elaine Cowell (Robbins)  9/17
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•   Barry Lewis  8/10
•   Guiomar Andrade  8/3
•   Gerald B. Wheeler Jr.  7/27
•   Antone Ponte  7/20
•   Kenneth Harrop  7/2
•   Jack (John) Nunes  6/24
•   Raymond Ferreira  6/13
•   Cheryl Lapre (Farber)  5/14
•   William Catlow  4/20
•   Eileen Soucy (Caron)  4/9
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•   Jan Chartier (Pittsley-Dakin)

New Bedford High School
Class Of 1965


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Final comments and thank you's to all of my classmates who cared to care about my twin Grand Children.

The DeTerra Grand Children, Elisabeth and Grayson are doing well, after a year in Minnesota getting stem cell transplants and several other bumps in the road at home in Samammish, WA. Elisabeth, in particular, is a typical 2 1/2 year old, talking, walking, being full of mischief. Grayson has had more issues and is not quite walking yet.Most of his issue stem from an earlier episode of near SIDS when he was less than two months old and suffered some brain damage while he was down for 45 minutes and on life support. Still, he is a smiley little guy and will always have a great disposition. We love them both and thank everyone who loves and cares without even knowing them.

GOLLY GEE  . . .  It is  August!

Anyone Interested in Participating in a Fun Night Out at

"Painting With a Splash" New Bedford???

Groups of 8 Weekdays and Groups of 10 Weekends are Required for a "Class".

Please Check Out the Webpage for "Painting with a Splash" here at:

Provided Our Response Is Sufficient for a Class, I Will Be More

Than Happy to Coordinate Our Fun Night Out at "Painting With a Splash". . . .

Feedback Messages To Kate Conway-Hickman Thank You.



Can you identify any classmates from the two

Kieth Junior High School photos?

 Or from either of the Normandin photos below?

 Or from Roosevelt photo (bottom picture)? 

Check out the link on the left of this homepage showing

"Full Size Jr. High Pix"  for better detail!


        Roosevelt Junior High School classmates photo.