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Back in high school, we could't possibly imagine that a hand-held device (a cell phone) could serve as a camera, calculator, typewriter, phone, etc. So, at this point in time, how do you handle your day to day essential bills?

  Traditional way: I mail out checks
  Modern: Direct withdrawal from checking account
  Credit / debit card
  Family / trusted friend handles it
  What bills?


•   Nancy Otis (Cusson)  1/26
•   Richard Cormier  1/31
•   Roland Poirier  1/31
•   Arnie Isherwood  2/3
•   Brenda Lowe (Silva)  2/4
•   Edwin Mello  2/7
•   Elliot Mazza  2/11
•   Peter Vercellone  2/14
•   Kenneth Fonseca  2/15
•   Richard Gammons  2/18
•   Roger Levesque  2/18
•   Michele Weeks (Rodrigues)  2/18


•   Eileen Soucy (Caron)  1/15
•   Dave Medeiros  1/12
•   Roland Poirier  11/28
•   Jack (John) Nunes  10/23
•   David Gifford  9/14
•   Wayne Atwood (Hargraves, Atwood)  9/14
•   Raymond Ferreira  8/29
•   Diane Lawrence  8/27
•   Martin Bloomberg  8/13
•   Antone Ponte  8/8
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The poet Charles Olson once said: “You do what you know before you know what you do.” This poem was inspired by that quote and is dedicated to the veterans of the Vietnam War

Duty and Anguish

“100% alert. Command post surrounded by 1200 VC. Immediate assistance needed!”
So 100 of us scrambled down Bloody Highway 13,
Beneath the starkness of the Southern Cross,
Past the jungle teeming with fire ants,
Through the rubber plantations, bamboo and banana trees,
Toward the fiery white fireworks
That shattered the tranquility
Of that blue-black night in March.

A throbbing heartbeat later,
Reality exposed the morbid fate of our closest friends,
Paltry pawns in this Hellish horror,
Others still savagely ensnared by faceless adversaries,
The abomination exposed in the flash of explosions,
When, green flashes of tracer rounds
From one particularly vexing AK47
Illuminated the path of its deadly cargo
Directly aimed at--------
Larry, Joe, Norm, and Bobby!!!!!!! ------
Sitting ducks in the deadly game they never chose to play.

Instantly, without a thought,
As instinctively as pulling your hand from a searing fire,
The reflex was irretrievable,
The trigger was pulled, and the shadow of vile Victor Charley
Fell, never to threaten my brothers again.

The gravity of that deed
Exploded in my mind,
Like the bombs, blasts, and bullets
Of that blasphemous battle.
The roar of the mortars, rockets, and heavy artillery
Suddenly was replaced by a gut-wrenching, deafening stillness--
Somberly silent — frozen in time.

The words of distant diatribes
Echoed in my mind –
“Though shalt not kill!”

I guess it really IS true---
“You do what you know before you know what you do.”
-----Sometimes you have no choice.

Diane Sulyma Davignon, 11/ 3/ 2013



Can you identify any classmates from the two

Kieth Junior High School photos?

 Or from either of the Normandin photos below?

 Or from Roosevelt photo (bottom picture)? 

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"Full Size Jr. High Pix"  for better detail!


        Roosevelt Junior High School classmates photo.