Summer, 2016 newsletter
Posted Tuesday, June 14, 2016 03:52 PM
New Bedford High School
Class Of 1965


June 2, 2016

Dear Classmates:

Summer is just around the corner

To those of us who are taking a summer vacation:  Enjoy!

To those of us staying close to home:  Enjoy!

So, what's new in the class of '65 website and what are our classmates up to these days?

New Class of '65 updates

****Welcome William Catlaw

      Joined March 19, 2016

His membership brings the total of classmates who joined our website exactly one over 50%.  

We welcome new members.  Please encourage those who aren't yet members to join us as well as

 updating their profiles.  If you know someone who does not receive updates, please let us know.

Classmates who are picture takers:  Please post your pictures on our website for those to enjoy who

 weren't  at the event .  Clicking on Lunch Bunch Galleries at the left will allow you to post new pictures.


Several Various Topics new posts:

 Learn  about New Bedford 50s night on Message from classmates page

The NB jazz festival and other items

We have featured several music videos on our homepage which classmates have enjoyed. 

 A new nostalgia poll, just for fun.  Classmates have posted announcements of interest to the class.

To those of us who monitor the website, it's encouraging to hear feedback from people about how they enjoy

items such as the birthday notifications. Clicking on Private Message on individual profiles will

allow private communication.

 People have asked how to access information or contact other classmates.


Clicking on the links on the far left window (Under President Kennedy's picture)  accesses the pages.  

Various topics.  Clicking on the red link on the left brings up the menu and on the right the individual pages.

At the top, you can see the number of views for that page.  Your responses and contributions make the 

page more interesting.

Local Events:

The class luncheons continue to be held thanks Nancy Cusson and Jim Casey for planning and communication.

Enjoy the warm weather

and be well,

Your website crew 

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