October, 2014 Newsletter
Posted Saturday, October 18, 2014 03:54 PM
New Bedford High School
Class Of 1965
October, 2014
Dear Classmates:
We hope you are enjoying wonderful Fall weather. 
At the top of the page on the left side, a small window shows the weather temperature in New Bedford.  It's fun to see how the weather is back in the old home town when you live in a different part of the country.
***New updates in our website:
Photos of the 49th "reunion" have been posted.  I am sure you will love seeing our smiling classmates who attended.  Isn't it wonderful that our class is so active? 
                A new poll featuring Halloween celebrations has been posted. 
Several classmates have updated their profiles (list located on the right side of the home page)
We will soon be posting ideas for our 50th reunion.  The "save the date" class newsletter is posted on Various Topics (clicking on the left link  brings up the menu, on the right side the current comes up when clicked.
                 Various Topics forum features updates on joining the New Bedford High Alumni Association.  It's the first page on the forum list .  The current project of that group is restoring the old NBHS auditorium.  Please consider joining and keeping updated on that topic.  Several classmates have attended the restoration meetings.
                  Several classmates have engaged in discussions of their high school experiences in our Message Forum page.  Our experiences are as diverse as we are but we all have matured and moved on.  Sometimes current events bring up old memories good and bad. 
                  Nancy Otis Cusson has been a leader in our reunions and reconnection.  Her comments welcoming posts from classmates are posted and we ask you to view them and know that your comments are welcome.  It's a closed website and full view of posts and commenting is mostly restricted to  our members  who have joined.  We ask for your discretion about sharing Message Forum posts.
                      We wish you all good health and well being,
Your website crew
Nancy, Dave, Roger, Donna, Henry, Maria


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