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Edward Salk

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07/18/23 10:32 PM #1    

Terrence Meredith

I was so sorry at reading about Ed's death. I was in Florida and just became aware of his passing last March. He was one of my Groomsmen when I married Linda.  I am so sorry for not staying in touch. I could always count on him. Great teacher, Great father and husband. I will miss him.

07/19/23 11:14 AM #2    

Peter Washburn

So sorry to hear about Edward Salk's passing.
He gave  all 3 of our sons drum lessons,..and they did well by him.
From NBHS Marching band drummers to summer programs and competitions with ( DCI ) Drum Corps International.
 Rest in peace Ed,  my red headed friend !

07/19/23 05:05 PM #3    

Donald Brody (Brody)

Eddie was a dear friend all through high school and then through college. We were ushers in each otthers weddings. I will always remember his symbal playing every Friday at the National Anthem. You could probably hear tthe clang downtown. When he decided to go to Butler University I had to look up Indianappolis on the map! 

He will be missed by his family and many friends.





07/19/23 05:15 PM #4    

Robert Gurney

I am very sorry to hear of Ed's passing, he was a unique friend.  He was invariably positive.  I liked him very much.  The world is a less friendly place because he is gone. 

Ed Salk and I were both coin collectors. I met him in 7th grade at Normandin.  He had the enviable job of collecting milk money at the cafeteria. Tons of pennies that he got to search every day.  Specifically I recall how exuberant he was the day he found a 1914 D penny.  Unfortunately it was an altered 1944 D with part of the first 4 erased.  Later in life I became a professional coin authenticator and until 2013 I worked as one of 7 experts at eBay who determined authenticity of coins by vote.  It was that incedent that propelled, in part, my retirement career. 

Our friendship continued through High School, coin club and after because of our interests in coin collecting.  I recall one of the last times I saw him was at a 4th of July celebration in Marion? near the ocean. He was still playing with the band. His interest in music I admired - it was a talent I never possessed.   I lost contact with him totally after we moved to NC in 2004, but I recall many hours that we spent together discussing our interest in coins of all types. 

Bob Gurney - swamperbob



07/20/23 10:58 AM #5    

Jerold Danis

Oh my!!  A close friend from high school.  I remember going to his house and listening to 45s.  I would at time make a suggestion on a song and the next visit there was the record.  He was always drumming up a song using his fingers. Vivid memories of what was likely a 1AM trip back from the Cape with him.  I wish there were more memories - we drifted apart after college. Rest in peace Eddie.

07/20/23 11:00 AM #6    

Rita Ann Rosa

So sorry to hear of another classmates passing.  I knew Ed in high school.  Very nice person.  It was the red hair!  I thought that he worked at a relative's drug store on Purchase St.  At least that's where I saw him back in the 60's.  Condolences to his family and friends.  May his soul rest in peace.  

07/21/23 11:02 AM #7    

Jack (John) Nunes

I had Ed in one of my classes. He was a nice guy. He will be missed. 

08/07/23 11:01 PM #8    

Ray Ferreira

Ed was a friend to all who knew him, -  He was a nice guy. He will be missed. 

08/09/23 08:52 AM #9    

Robert Costa

Sorry to hear of Ed's passing.  Ed was a good guy and good drummer.  RIP

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