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Barbara Aldrich

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09/17/09 02:08 PM #1    

Melissa "Trudy" Faria (Medeiros)

Barbara passed in late June or early July 1966

10/14/09 08:26 PM #2    

Maria de Melo (Gulla)

I was so sorry to see the rose denoting that Barbara had passed away. I remember her so well. She signed my yearbook: "To a girl I'm glad I've met. Always remember Shorthand and typing. Best wishes, Barbara."
Barbara was beautiful and so friendly. Much of typing and shorthand I'd like to forget. Everybody got to the end of the page when the bell rang when we took timed tests, except me. But I do remember Barbara fondly. May she rest in peace!

10/17/09 09:44 PM #3    

Charles "Chuck" Morris

Barbara was a sweet sweet girl Lived in the south end. Not many knew she had a heart problem. She was out with a bunch of friends on a snowy night. Their car was stuck in the snow. Everyone got out laughing and were trying to push the car from where it was embedded in the snow. Barbara didn`t want to just stand there and not help. No one their knew she had a heart problem. Later that night she was rushed to the hospital and passed away. I knew her mom , dad and brother eddie. Real nice family

10/18/09 11:27 AM #4    

Claudia Aguiar (Settele)

Barbara lived down the street from me and we were friends all through jr. & high school. Barbara had a heart murmur and it was under control. I remember she had gone into the hospital in Boston due to complications and never survived. It was two weeks before my wedding day and I was devastated. This was July 1966. May you rest in peace my dear friend.

06/12/10 07:57 PM #5    

Jean Beardsworth (Brown)

To my dear friend Barbara who always had a twinkle in her eyes.She was one of my best friendsall through grammar and high school.It was in July 1966 that she died and I believe around the 4th of July.My cousin Doreen Hardy and myself were going to see her on Sunday with her parents.I bought her a pretty nitegown to bring when I visited her.It was Saturday and I had gone dancing at Lincoln Park and when I came home my mother told me to sit down in the chair and proceeded to tell me she had died.I never got to see her in Boston but I will always remember her and all the fun we had.Barbara's mother invited us to come to the house and pick something out that was special to Barbara and I picked the mustard seed and I still have it.At the time she had gone to a beach party with Ronnie Barrows who was in college at New Bedford Tech and whom she liked.It was shortly after this that she became sick.Remember Rainbow Girls always.Rest in peace my friend.

08/16/10 12:06 PM #6    

Eileen Soucy (Caron)

Barbara passed away on July 2, 1966.  I wrote it in my yearbook when I returned from her wake.  It was such a sad occasion.

08/17/10 02:56 AM #7    

William Ward

i'll always miss babs, she was like a sister to me,in fact her big brother was my best freind . she always had a smile for anybody;i should have learned from her.

12/21/10 03:09 PM #8    

Joycelyn Pickering (Alves)

Barbara lived a few houses down from me and my family on Woodlawn St.  She was a beautiful blond girl who was kind, sweet and always had a ready smile for people.  I remember when she died very well; July 2, 1966.  Her family was of course devastated.  I remember going to the wake with Bobby (Alves, my husband), and friends.  There were so many people there to say goodbye to Barbara.  I still think of her when I think of school days at RJHS, and NBHS. 

May you rest in peace my dear friend.

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