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01/07/16 08:55 PM #240    

Diane Sulyma (Davignon)



01/07/16 11:40 PM #241    

Ray Ferreira

An answer to a lot of Prayers.  This is great news.


01/11/16 07:51 AM #242    

Margaret Aulisio

I just wanted to say in answer to Carl Weinstein's questions that we were the first class to sit in the new auditorium.  

01/26/16 06:12 PM #243    


Dave Medeiros

Please post to "Sunshine Club"

Thanks to all members of Newbedford65 who prayed and sent kind thoughts regarding my twin Grandchildren. After 11 months in Minnesota, getting stem cell transplants for Hurlers Syndrome, they finally came home on January 12th. They are both doing well, although Grayson is well behind his Sister in development and they both have a long road ahead of them. Elisabeth is walking and talking more every day. Grayson is not walking but he is smiling, playing, and crawling all over. He is about 10 pounds lighter than and somewhat shorter than Elisabeth. But the good news is that they are home and I thank everyone for your support.

Ray DeTerra

01/27/16 10:11 AM #244    

Peter Hawes

Any Friday lunch this month Casey my pal?

01/30/16 10:32 AM #245    

Richard Cormier

Thanks to all my classmates for the birthday wishes.  It's the last of the 60's.  Spent the day driving to Maryland blizzard, but made up for it after returning on Sunday.  

01/31/16 10:57 AM #246    


Jack (John) Nunes

Just think.  We got to enjoy the 60's twice!  Starting in 1960.  ;0)

01/31/16 11:20 AM #247    

Nancy Otis (Cusson)

So true jack...yes

02/01/16 05:59 PM #248    


Claudia Aguiar (Settele)

Hi Dave M.,

Thanks for posting such great news from Ray on his precious grandchildren..



02/02/16 06:47 AM #249    


Amelia Leontire (White)


What wonderful news.  Thanks for posting Dave, and Ray, I am so glad your prayers have been answered!


02/09/16 04:46 PM #250    


Maria de Melo (Gulla)

Today in History:

February 9, 1964 ,the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show and how we loved it!

Hard to believe it was 52 years ago.  In honor of such a joyous memory, I posted one of my favorites, Let it be on our homepage.  I can picture the old living room on North Front Street, us in front of the TV sitting on the floor, my mother left the room when the closeup of Ringo flashed on the screen.  No matter how many years it's been, but when I hear certain Beatles songs, I'm back in that living room even if it's for only a quick flashback.  What's your favorite Beatles song?

02/10/16 01:11 PM #251    


Jack (John) Nunes

Hah!  My folks weren't impressed either.  Fun memories.

02/10/16 07:06 PM #252    


Karen von Bergen

I remember my French teacher, Miss Kaufman, I think saying "A bas les scarabees!"  Down with the Beatles!!

She was not impressed either!

02/11/16 10:32 AM #253    


Jack (John) Nunes

laugh funny. 

02/11/16 10:56 AM #254    


Raymond Deterra

They had me at "She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" :)

02/11/16 11:46 AM #255    


Edna Rezendes (Walsh)

My Dad was a pretty cool guy. We had all kinds of music that he played in our house. He loved Jerry Lee Louis, Mo Town, and also,Country Western. He watched the Beatles with us, and enjoyed them. He and my Mom loved music, were awesome dancers. I was lucky to have them.

02/17/16 07:26 PM #256    

David Mesquita

Is the Ronald Lomba in today's paper our Ronnie Lomba?

02/17/16 07:39 PM #257    

Athena Medeiros (Adams)

Yes, I believe it is Ronnie Lomba from our BB team.   I spoke to Jake Gomes niece and she confirmed it. 

02/17/16 10:51 PM #258    


James Casey

Ronnie had been quite ill for a long period of time. He had been in a Nursing Home for years. He kept his spirits high and kept in touch with some close friends. He was on WBSM a few weeks back reminiscing with Phil Paleologos, with whom he had maintained many years of friendship. Ronnie worked for many years for the Recreation Dept, NB, and later sold automobiles until his health declined. He was one heck of an athelete. Great basketball and football standout at NBHS. Sad. He was a gentleman and a sincere, loyal friend to many. May God Bless him and keep him. He's at a peace he well deserves. He suffered for quite a while. Here's a great team photo from 1961-62. Ron is top row, first on the left. He must have been ill...or was in trouble with the Coach! No uniform. First row, 3rd from left is Dave Harris. Number 42. He was inducted into the NBHS Football Hall of Fame just this year. This was the best Junior High team that year. Claudia Aguiar was the Head Cheerleader for Roosevelt. Take note of how many future classmates were on this team. Great bunch of guys. Rest in Peace, Ronnie. We will miss you and always keep you in our thoughts. ♥  As you always called me, "Case".

02/18/16 10:01 AM #259    

Rita Ann Rosa

So sorry to hear of the passing of Robert Medeiros and Ronnie Lomba.  Remembering good times at Roosevelt.  May their souls rest in peace.  God Bless.

02/18/16 11:31 AM #260    

David Mesquita

I thought it might be him.  I saw him last sometime in the 70s at my folk's drug store on Purchase St.  We talked for while like the time had not passed at all.  God bless Ron we will all miss you.  

02/18/16 03:16 PM #261    

David Harris

My heart is heavy with the recent loss of 2 teammates/classmates.  I didn't recognize Robert Medeiros's name until I looked it up in my yearbook.  Then I said, oh yeah Buff!  Rip big guy.

Secondly the passing of Ronnie Lomba.  Ronnie was a great person and a gifted athletic who never got the full recognition he deserved.  I saw Ronnie in the nursing home several months ago.  His spirits were high and his mind sharp.  I was amazed at how much he knew about today's athletics.  He loved his sports.  I enjoyed playing football with him at RJH and NBHS.  RI P my friends, my teammates!




02/19/16 08:06 AM #262    


Antonio (Tony) Castro

Sorry to hear of two classmates passing, may they R.I.P...........  Ronny was a good friend through H.S. and an excellent athelete.

02/20/16 06:38 AM #263    

Joan Arruda (Felix)

RIP, Ronnie, so sad to hear of his passing

02/20/16 08:08 PM #264    

David Mello

rest in peace bob

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