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                                What is a veteran? 

     A veteran is someone who at one point their life, wrote a blank check made payable to "The United States of America" for the amount of up to and including my life. 

     That is Honor and there are way too many people in this country who no longer understand it!



ROGER GOYETTE    USAF         Joined in 1966 and was dicharged in Nov 1969, did basic in Texas, then spent 2 years at Blytheville AFB  Ark., then went to Korea for special duty, (557 RED HORSE UNIT),  and then spent my last year in Viet Nam, at Nha Trang. My specialty was welding and metals fabrication. Then got discharged as a E-5   

 DAVID BARCLAY   USAF           Joined in 10-1970  and was discharged in  10-1974, as a Staff Sargent.   I was stationed at Mather AFB in Sacremento Ca. for 21/2 years as a financial specialist, then finished my tour at Hicham AFB in Hawaii.

 JOHN ARRINGTON   USAF        Joined in 6--65  and was discharged in  6--70, as a Sargent. I was a personnel specialist and served at Luke AFB in Phoenix AZ. Then served at Elmemdorf AFB in Anchorage, Alaska.

 ROBERT BARBOZA   USAF       Joined in  1--67 and was discharged in  1--71. I was a inventory specialist. I served 2 years at Elmindorf AFB in Anchorage Alaska, and then finished at Klamath Falls Oregon.

DONALD BRODY   US ARMY  RESERVES    Joined in 1968 and was discharged in 1974. I served at various bases during my tour based on my residence at the time. I left the reserves with the rank of  SPEC-4.

GUIOMAR ANDRADE   USAF    Joined in 1968 and was discharged  in 1973. I was lucky enough to spend my whole tour at Pease AFB in NH.

ARTHUR FORTES    USAF          Joined 6-22-65 and retired after 20 years in  1985 with the rank of MSGT.  I started out at Nelles AFB in Las Vagas, then in 1968 I went to Viet Nam during the TET offensive. Next to Bolling AFB in DC for a year then McChord AFB in Tacoma Washington. Next it was on to Germany for 4 years of FUN and TRAVEL, then to Hampton VA, and finally to San Antone TX. I liked it so much I am still here.

 ROBERT GROSSMAN   USAF      Joined  in 1970 and retired 20 years later in 1990 with the rank of MAJOR. I flew KC-135s as a Navigator,  I started out at Loring AFB in very northern Maine. During my time I spent time in England, Spain, Thailand, Iran, Japan, and in the US I was stationed in Ohio, Alabama, California, Nebraska, and finally Indiana.

 RICHARD GAMMONS   USMC      Joined 3-19-1965 (90 days defered) and was discharged 5-1969 with the rank of SGT (E5). I did 6 months security duty at Gitmo Cuba 65/66 W/2bn 8th Marines; 2 tours in Viet Nam 66 & 67 with 1st bn 4th Marines; then last 18 months I was an instructor at 25th Marines NCO Leadership school.

 RAYMOND FERREIRA    US ARMY    Joined 9-5-1967 and was discharged 12-13-1969 with the rank of E-4  Speciallist 4th class. I did basis at Fort Dix NJ. My unit was activated in May 1968 and I spent  20 months stateside at Fort Benning Ga.

 ARNIE ISHERWOOD    USAF            Joined in  4-27- 1966 and was discharged on 2-26-1970.  I got out with the rank of E-4 SSgt.  I did my basic at Lackland AFB Tex.  I then went to George AFB, Victorville Ca.  with the 831st Air Division, 831st Civil Engineering Squadron, I was a piping specialist, I worked on the flight line on fire suppression systems. I did my whole tour at George AFB. with the exception of two small tours at Cuddeback AGGR (Cuddeback Dry Lake gunnery range).

 KARL KRISTIANSEN  US NAVY        Joined in 1965 and was discharged  1969 with the rank of CTR3 (E-4).  After basic I served on the USS Mansfield DD-728 from 65-66 in West Pac/ Vietnam.  I did the rest of my tour with Naval Security Group Activity, Bremerhaven Germany

 DENNIS LANG   USAF/US ARMY     Joined in 7-1965 and was discharged 12-1968. I did my basic at Keesler AFB in Mississippi and Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, Texas. I then went to Karamursel AS< Turkey for 18 months, working in signal intelligence. I was then assigned to the 316th Tactical Airlift Wing intelligence division at Langly AFB, VA. I also spent some time TDY in Viet Nam.  After the Air Force I joined the Army reserve support battalion attached to the Big Red One (1st infantry Div) and was discharged after two years as a Sargent ( E-5)

  DONALD HILL    USAF                     Joined in 1965 and was discharged in 1969 with the rank of Sargent.  I went to basic training in San Antonio Texas, at Lackland AFB. I then went to Denver for Munitions Maintenance School, then to  Hill AFB in Ogden Utah. I then went to Cam Rahn Bay in Viet Nam for a year and then to George AFB in California until my discharge.

 RAY LIMA      USAF                          Joined in 9-1966 and was discharged in 7-1970 with the rank of E5 Staff Sargent. After basic I went to Westover AFB in Springfield Ma. and was in refrigeration. I then went to Guam as a "Bomb Loader" and then finished my last year, working back in refrigeration at Phan Rang Vietnam.

 ERIC MICHELSEN  US ARMY RES./ AIR NATIONAL GUARD   Joined  in 11-1965 and was finally discharged in 3-1990 with the rank of specalist 4th class. I was with the US Army Reserve 483rd Engineer Battlion-Headquarters Co. Recon Section - Ft. Rodman, New Bedford MOS: still photographer, vehicle and radio operator.  I re-upped in March 1977 and discharged in March 1990. I entered the Mass. Air National Guard Base, Cape Cod. AFSC: still photographer, videographer, graphic artist, NCOIC Visual Information Section.  When I was finally discharged I held the rank of E-6, Tech SGT.

 CARL WEINSTEIN    US ARMY       Joined in Feb. 1968 and was discharged on January 1970 as a Spec 5. I went to basic at Ft. Jackson, SC, Army Combat Intelligence School, Ft Hollabird, MD. Arrived in Cao Lanh, South Vietnam, September 1968. Assigned to Advisory Team 50, MACV (Millitary Assistance Command Vietnam), as an advisor to the ARVN 44th Special Tactical Zone. In Sept 1968 I returned to the States and was assigned to CONTIC (Continental Tactical Intelligence Center) Ft Bragg, NC which was attached to the 82sd Airborn Division. I had a FANTASTIC MILITARY EXPERIENCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

 RAYMOND VEARY  US ARMY       Joined in --------- and was discharged in  1976 with the rank of First Lieutenant. After law school I entered the U.S Army Military Police Corps and was stationed at Fort Gordon in Augusta Georgia. After discharge from active duty I entered the Massachusetts Army National Guard, eventually serving as company commander of the 772nd Military Police Company in Taunton, Ma. My tour of duty was relatively uneventful, although we were a high-priority unit, being activated on several occasions I was in  the 1970's for stateside assignments (e.g. the Boston school-busing crisis for two years in a row)

  JAMES MEDEIROS     US ARMY    Joined in October 6, 1970, and got discharged on June 1st, 1972. I received the rank of E-4. I was assigned to OPE/AAA-- the Office of Physical Education and the Army Athletic Association. I taught gymnastics, swimming, and diving, SCUBA diving, skiing, and "physical training" (conditioning).

 KENNETH BURGO      US COAST GUARD     JOINED IN JAN. 1967 and was discharged in JAN. 1971,  with the rank of  1ST CLASS ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN. I was schooled in 1967 at Groton Ct. and Governor's Island, NY. 1968 the US Coast Guard Academy, in 1969 Hokkaido, Japan and 1971 Woods Hole, Ma.

 BARRY LEWIS   US AIR FORCE            Joined in June of 1969 and was discharged March 1973, with the rank of E3 Sgt. I was a weather forecaster for the 82nd Airborne at Ft. Bragg, Nc.

 CHARLES "CHUCK" MORRIS  US ARMY  Joined in 1966 and got out in 1972, with the rank of SSG. I was mostly stateside at FT Benning, GA and FT Lewis Washington, with the 683MP.

 DONALD LYONNAIS  US ARMY    Joined in April 26 1968 and was discharged on April 25 1972, with the rank of E-5 SGT. I remained stateside the entire time and spent most of my time at FT. Carson, Colo. I served in the military police, mostly at the post stockade as a guard. I didn't get to shoot anyone, but I crushed a melon with my nightstick :)

 ART OLIVEIRA    US ARMY      Joined in 9/3/69 and was discharged on 4/7/71, with the rank of Spec 4. I did my basic at Ft Dix NJ. then went to Fort Lewis Washington for 10 weeks advance weapons training. My entire company went to Vietnam on 1/7/70. My kid brother Steve was already at Cam Ranh Bay Vietnam so I was sent to Korea and was attached to the 2ND Infantry Division. Extended my tour to 15 months and was discharged. While in Yongjugol, Korea I was assigned as a Film Specialist

 RONALD CAMAIONI   US NAVY    Joined in June  1966 and was discharged Nov. 1968, with the rank of 3rd class Petty Officer. After basic at Great Lakes Training Center I went to Rota Spain Naval Base, then to Naples Ital, Then Malta. I was aboard the USS INDEPENDENCE CVA ^@ and then finished up at The Philidelphia Navel Base. My primary job was Stores Keeper.

 ANTHONY (TONY) CASTRO   USAF      Joined in the summer of 1965, and after boot camp and training, he went to workin Oscoda MI. to work on airframes on B-52's and KC 135's. He also served time in Guam, and Thiland during the Vietnam War. He was discharged on December 1969, and had a wonderfull career in Oscoda MI. where he still lives.

 LIONEL MEDEIROS   US NAVY      Joined in Aug. 1966 and was discharged in Aug. 1970. with the rank of 3rd class Petty Officer.  I did my basic at Great Lakes Training Center and then spent 11/2 years at San Diego Ca.  I did sub school at New London CT. as Engine Maintenance and then as a Machinest Mate aboard the USS WILL ROGERS.

 NORMAN ALFONSO   USAF           Joined in may 1966 and was discharged Jan. 1970, with the rank of E-4.  I went to Basic Training at Lackland AFB in Texas. I was then assinged to and played in the 15th Air Force Band at March AFB, Riverside, CA. 1966-1969. I volunteered for Vietnam but was sent to Ubon, Thiland for one year and worked as admin, spec. for F4 Fighter Sd. before being discharged. I also spent time in Bangkok, Thailand and Okinawa while in SE Asia on R&R.

 RICHARD DESROSIERS  USAF        Joined in Sept. 1968 and was discharged in Jan. 1991, after 22 years in service. I went to Air Traffic Control school Nov, 1968 - June 1969 at Keesler AFB, Miss. Then at Ft. Campbell till Aug, 71. SEA until Aug. 72, Plattsburg AFB, NY till May 78. Eglin AFB Fla. till Aug, 80. Rhein Mein AB, Germany till Aug, 82. Bergstrom AFB, Austin Texas until Aug. 86/ Sondrestrom Ab, Greenland for a year and then returned to Bergstrom AB in Aug, 87. All my time was spent in Air Traffic Control Field.

 ROBERT LAVOIE    USAF                Joined in Sept. of 1965 and was discharged in March of 1969.  With the rank of SSGT. I first went to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.  I then attended Russian Language School at Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY.  I graduated in 1967 and the went to Communications School at Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo, TX.  I then went to Karamursel Air Station an hour by ferry from Istambul, Turkey.  I was there for 14 months.  While there I also did temporary duties in Trabzon and Samsun, Turkey.  My job was as a Russian interpretor and my first job was translating telephone calls directly to the Kremlin.  I left Turkey and was sent back to Lackland AFB for a short time and then went to Offutt AFB in Omaha, Nebraska to learn French logistics which I used at my next assignment at Hickham AFB in Honolulu, HI.  While there, I covered the French Hydrogen bomb test in the South Pacific where I saw on six different occasions small islands disappear from the face of the earth.  Quite interesting.  I returned seven months later to Texas where I was Honorably Discharged.

 EDWIN (BUDDY) MELLO  USAF     Joined in Aug. 1965 and was discharged  1985 with the rank of E-6 TSGT.  I did my basic at Lackland AFB in Texas. I then went to jet engine mechanic at Chanute AFB in ILL. I then went to Shaw AFB, in Sumpter, South Carolina. In Aug. 1966, half of the engine shop was on it's way to Udon Royal AFB Thailand.  I worked both in the engine shop and dispatch with a crew on the flight line to try and fix broken F4-C fighters as they came in with problems. My engine crew also went to Vietnam every other month to pull engines out of F4-c's that were damaged beyond repair. In Aug of 67, I came back to the states to Charleston AFB, South Carolina and was there until 1972. In 1969 I cross trained to the NDI field, non-destructive inspection where we x-rayed parts for internat damage and also performed magnaflux, dye penetration ultrasonic and eddy current inspections. I re-enlisted for the first time as a E-5, Staff Sergeant.  In 1972, I got transferred to Mtn. Home AFB, Idaho, from 1974 to 1976 I was at Kadena AFB, Okinawa, from 1976 to 1978 I was at Myrtle Beach AFB, SC, from 1978 to 1979 I was at Osan AFB, Korea, here I was promoted to E6 Technical Sergeant and in 1979 to 1984 I was at Eglin AFB Florida.  From 1984 to 1985 I was at Davis-Monthan AFB Arizona where I retired after serving 21 1/2 years.

As a side note, I enjoyed every minute of my military career and would gladly do it over again if I had to.  Whenever I returned from an overseas assignment, I either got the base state or area I requested.

  LEONARD LEBEAU     US ARMY        I was drafted and spent my two years stationed in the state of Washington.

  WENDELL FROST     US NAVY          Joined in late 1969 and resigned my commission in 1974 with the rank of Lieutenant (03). I signed up for Navy Aviation Officer Candidate School in Pensacola, Fl. where I started and was commissioned in March 1970. The year 1970 was spent in various training schools across the country and I ended up at NAS Whidbey Is. WA training for flying?operating the new EA-6B Prowler airplane. Our squadron deployed on board the aircraft carrier USS America in June 1972 bound for Vietnam. From July 1972 through February 1973, I flew combat missions over the Tonkin Gulf and N. Vietnam from the carriers USS America, Midway and Saratoga jamming missle radars in support of Navy strikes and the USAF B52 "Linebacker Operations".  I then resigned my commission in 1974.

 RAYMOND DETERRA     USAF           Joined in 1969 and was discharged in 1992. I did Air Force Pilot training 1970, Surveliance Officer 1981 (Deluth MN, Mississippi, Fl, Ak.) Bufget Analysist 1984 - 1992.

 ROBERT VIEIRA       USAF              Joined 1966 and discharged 1970. I was in Vietnam from 1967 - 1968, and was at Ton Sun Nhut Air Base. Saigon.

 RICHARD GAGNE    US NAVY           Joined 1966 and was discharged 1969. I spent from 1967 TO 1968 at DANANG AIR BASE VIETNAM with the security police.

 DENNIS M. DUVAL  US NAVY        I joined in Nov. 1966 and was discharged in March of 1979. I trained as a Mechanic. I then spent Two tours in Vietnam. I served aboard the USS ENTERPRISE, The USS SOUTH CAROLINA, and the USS EISENHOWER. When I was discharged I got out as a Chief Machinest Mate (E-7)

 DENNIS HAMMOND  US ARMY NATIONAL GUARD   I joined in 1966 and was discharged in Dec  1969.  I joined the 1st Battalion, 211th field artillery. I did basic training at Fort Dix NJ. and then advanced training as a supply specalist at Fort Knox KY. in 1967.  In May of 1968 my unit was put on active duty for the Vietnam  War. We were on active duty for 20 months at Fort Benning GA. I was released with the rank of Specalist 4th class.

 STEVEN QUAIL  US NAVY     I joined in Sept. 1966 and was discharged in Nov. 1968. I served with the Naval Communacations Command, Security group. (In communications and Crtptology). My assignments were CamRon Bay Vietnam, Seoul, Korea, and Londonary N. Irland all at satalite communication stations. I was discharged with the rank of Yeoman 2sd class.

 ROBERT MACFARLAND   USAF    I joined June of 1965 and was discharged in Sept 1968.  I went to basic at Lackland  AFB in San Antonio Texas. I went to Tech school at Kessler AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi. My first assignment as a radio operator sent me back to Mass. At Westover AFB outside of Holyoke and Springfield. In early 1967, I volunteered to go airborne knowing that my next assignment was going to be somewhere in South East Asia. In Sept 1967 until Sept 1968 I flew combat reconnaisance missions over Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. My most important mission was during the battle of Khe Sahn. We called in alot of air strikes on enemy positions and I hope I had a good part in helping the ground troops from getting run over and holding their positions. Our unit received a battle star on our Air Medals for that altercation. In Sept I came home and was discharged.  I am proud to be one of the first wave going over using the new top secret ways of tracking the enemy movements.

 ARTHUR BRIGGS    US ARMY     I Joined in May of 1987 and retired in May of 2007 after 20 years. I was recruted to the Army Nurse Corp Reservist in 1987 as a 1st LT. I  was assigned to a General Hospital for 2 years, disbanded and then assigned to Combat Support Hospital. In 1991, began and instructored for the 91c program, which is an accredeited LPN program through the Army. This program was elimated and then I was S1 for the 11 Batallion until my retirement.

 GARY LEFRANCOIS  US ARMY    Joined in 1966 and was discharged in June of 1969. I was stationed at Fort Jackson SC., and Fort Lee in VA. then I spent 18 months in Vietnam at Ton Son Nhut Air Base near Saigon.

 PAUL KENYON   USAF     Joined the United States Air Force and did two tours of duty in Vietnam in Special Ops Command.

 GARY BELLIVANCE   USAF    Joined the United States Air Force and served in Vietnam

 ALBERTINO  CONDEZ      US MARINES  (DECEASED).  This was sent from a friend of  Al's.  Mac Carter Captain USMCR.  I knew Sargent Al Condez in Da Nang , summer of 1967. Sargent Condez was a member of the First Marine Air Group 11. I was also a member of his Tae Kwon Do class, he was a star in that sport. One of a few to receive a black belt. He was a calm leader, tough, dedicated to his sport and a excellent marine. He had a ton of rank for someone who had been in for only two years. I was sad to learn that he had died, when I knew him he was a top young talent and NCO in the Marine Corp

 RICHARD DARCY    US ARMY    Richard served as a radio operator as a member of the unit known as the BIG RED ONE.  He reached the rank of E=5

 PAUL E. BECK     US ARMY    (DECEASED) He served in Vietnam and also in the Army Reservers

ANTHONY BARBOZA   20 years active duty in the Marine Corp. 1967 to 1987, Also, served to tours in Vietnam. 1967,1968.

ROLAND POIRIER enlisted in U.S.Army September 1969.  Basic training at Ft. Dix, NJ and further training in Virginia. Served in Germany for 2 1/2 years in the 32nd Air Defense Command as part of a Hawk Missle Battalion.  Discharged in March 1973 as a Specialist 5th Class.

JEFFREY TAYLOR  United States Marine, served in Vietnam and was a Lt. Colonel in the USMC reserves at the time of his death in 1989.

RICHARD DIAS (guest member) Military Service:

United States Navy-Pacific-Vietnam 65-6



 Alan Campbell retired from the United States Armed Services and served during the Vietnam and Operation Iraqi Freedom Wars. He proudly attained the rank of Sergeant Major and was the recipient of several medals including the Purple Heart, Bronze Star Medal, Air Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal with 4 Bronze Stars, Sharpshooter Marksmanship Badge with Pistol Bar, Army Commendation Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal with 1 Bronze Service Star, Achievement Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Global War On Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon, Armed Forces Reserve Medal with M Device, Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation with Palm, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal with Device 1960, Sharpshooter 1st Cluster Badge M14, Sharpshooter 1st Cluster Badge M16 Rifle and the Sharpshooter 1st Cluster Badge 45 Cal Pistol. He was a member of the National Rifle Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Disabled American Veterans.








In honor of those who are gone ....