In Memory

Steven Quail

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03/16/19 11:06 AM #2    

Joseph Ribeiro

I remember Steve from ROTC. In our junior year we had some exercise with the guard or the reserves.  We ambushed them all the time but in the end we had to surrender. Steve convinced  everyone  that we should fire a stand up side by side volley like the the British did. It was quite funny when we popped up and fired. RIP Steve

03/16/19 01:04 PM #3    

Barbara Fernandes (Lanagan)

God bless, Steve Quail.  

03/16/19 09:26 PM #4    

Robert Gurney

Always a decent guy, I recall Steve from NJHS and NGHS.  Very sorry to hear he has passed. 

03/17/19 11:39 AM #5    

Raymond Veary


Steve Quail was a guy who always brought a smile to my face upon encountering and a chuckle to my heart upon departing. This world is less joyful without him. Hope we meet again, Steve.


03/17/19 01:37 PM #6    

James Casey

A liftime of friendship and the mountain of memories we shared will always be with me. The last few years were very tough on Steve, but he was a fighter and had the courage of of a lion. From First Communion through NBHS, travels that took us to the Ponderosa, Reno, Las Vegas and other such places, as well as our daily connections, Steve was the brother I never had. My sorrow is beyond description, but now my old pal has found a peace and painless place next to our Lord. May God embrace and hold Steve close to him for all Eternity. Good-bye old friend. Until we meet again...   crying


03/21/19 09:10 AM #7    

Antone Ponte

Another one of our ROTC crew.  I only  knew Steve in high school and only thru the Rotcie, but remember him as good, quite  and funny guy.  May God bless him, and may he be at rest in his Kingdom.

03/22/19 07:38 AM #8    

Judith Machado (Gobeil)

Steve was one of the good guys. He was my neighbor from our early married days until we moved away. His son and my daughter grew up together in a great neighborhood , didn’t see much of him for a while, but when we did see each other he would always make me smile talking of the old neighborhood. Peace to you my friend. You are missed by many😔

03/22/19 10:42 AM #9    

Jack (John) Nunes

We’re going to miss you Steve. You were always a good  guy with funny stories. From Scouts to Normand to NBHS you were always a great guy. RIP



03/26/19 01:00 PM #10    

Maria de Melo (Gulla)

It's with great sorrow that I post a rememberance of Steve Quail.  It was so much fun to reconnect with him after our 45th reunion.   Every time I saw him, he was full of cheer and good thoughts.  He was a good friend and I know we will all miss him.  Rest in Peace, Steve.

03/28/19 04:46 AM #11    

Dennis Hammond

So sorry to hear of Steve’ passing. He was a kind  human being a real gentleman. Rest In Peace 

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