summer class newsletter, 7/2019
Posted Wednesday, July 10, 2019 10:24 AM

Summer 2019
Dear Classmates, guests and friends
Re:  NBHS'65  Website updates, statistics 
        Happy Birthday,  NBHS'65  --  7/9/09
First up:  Welcome to our website:  Thomas Mattos who joined us 6/14/19
We, your website administrators, hope that you are enjoying a happy summer and beating the heat.  A point of interest here for those of us who follow the website is that it's now Ten Years Old!  Henry Laferriere set it up and it was available to send class emails,  show classmates profiles, post  photos, in memory posts,  tributes to our classmates who served in the military,  history of New Bedford, birthdays, locations of our classmates, videos and messages, private or available for classmates to view. and more, of course.
*  Statistics:
*Website created:  July 9, 2009
*351  joined
*Military Service 104 (known members)
*In Memory notifications:  121
Popular features:  classmate poll home page, music videos, birthdays notifications,
                           profile updates notices, class creator today in history and videos
Accessed by clicking on the left side window:  photos, various topics, message forum, military service of our classmates who served, in memory posts and  essays,
jokes, New Bedford History
You, the website member are welcome to participate by posting on Various Topics, updating your profile, leaving a message on Message Forum.  Suggestions for videos, poll topics, etc. are always welcome.  You may click on classmates profiles and email a member.  If you know anyone who isn't a member, please invite them to join us.
Our New Bedford area local and visiting classmates still continue to enjoy regular lunches.   Thanks, Nancy Cusson and Jim Casey for planning and setting it up.  Dave Medeiros and Dave Pacheco regular contribute to our Various Topics page, thanks.  Donna  L. Belliveau has maintained the In Memory page from the beginning and Roger Goyette collected the stories from our military classmates and set up the page. Thanks, Nancy Ottis Cusson for posting the patriotic wallpaper to our homepage.  You always do such a good job.
Have a great summer
Maria de Melo Gulla
and the administrators of NBHS'65
Nancy, Dave, Donna, Henry, Claudia, Roger