Update on the Auditorium project
Posted Thursday, June 23, 2016 08:28 AM


This was posted on the Classmates group on Facebook .  This is to share with those of us who

are not on Facebook


Good afternoon, classmates:
Last week, June 17th marked 51 years since our graduation. Thinking about that reminded me of how special it was to sit in our old NBHS auditorium after lunch and socialize with our friends. We asked in one of our polls, if you could go back to one day in high school which day would it be and the overwhelming answer (you can check out old polls) was to go back in just a regular day and sit in the auditorium after lunch just one more time. So, other people feel the same way and our classmate Jim Casey posted in is facebook page that Mike She is working on restoring the auditorium and is planning to join our local classmates at the June luncheon . So, if you wish to review past action on this project, our Various Topics page has reactivated the "Old Auditorium restoration " forum. If you click on Various Topics on the left side of our home page and then scroll down eight forum titles, there it is.. Clicking on the left side (red letters) will access the menu. I for one would love to see the auditorium return to its former glory and be used as a community venue. It was so wonderful to tour the high school the Saturday afternoon before our 45th reunion. So, wishing Mike Shea and the others working on this good luck.
Have a great day!