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06/07/19 01:52 PM #343    


Maria de Melo (Gulla)

It makes me feel so happy that you are responding. It’s a very restrictive page and only one choice. I used to include “all the above “ but that’s default. It’s for fun I and an opportunity to reconnect.

06/07/19 05:23 PM #344    


Kathleen Conway (Hickman)

'Multi-tasking", and 'social media' would also be appropriate responses

and if "other' was checked, could that response automatically volley

our data entry to our Message Forum.. . .tons of fun and possibility

circa 2019 for the Class of 1965!       


06/08/19 11:01 AM #345    


Jack (John) Nunes

It may be time to upgrade our site. It seems like there is less and less being posted.
To whoever is in charge, let’s do it!
If we need to kick in a few bucks, so be it. $5 or $10 times the number of classmates would help bring this up to speed.
I’m done... ;0)

06/09/19 08:27 AM #346    


Maria de Melo (Gulla)

Hi Jack:

I read your post and think it's wonderful that you are suggesting improving our website.  I'm one of the administrators and have done my share to maintain it current but it's not my input alone that counts.  It's all of us.  We do pay for website memory and for the services of the class creator, those who facilitate the technology. Nancy and Jose usually handle the finances. I have reached out to people by private messages or personal email asking them to post interesting items,  news and events in their lives,etc.  I have discussed with some classmates why there has been some drop in posting.  It has been explained to me that when the website was set up, classmates who hadn't been reconnected were curious about each other.  So there was a flurry of items posted on these pages.  Since then, many have chosen to share on social media like Facebook.   Some classmates are not on social media and check our website but don't post.  There are daily notices like birthdays which people enjoy and message each other, usually by private messages, so that serves a purpose.  Some people like Dave Pacheco and Dave Medeiros continue to post occasionally on Various Topics.  I will bring up your suggestion to update the website and let's see what happens.  It has been a useful tool for people to express condolences, honor our military classmates, send communications and share reunion updates.  Personally, I etill enjoy it and am grateful to have reconnected with classmates.  Any suggestions for posting videos, etc, just message me or the other adminstrators and we will try to update the pages as our personal time (which seems busier by the day) allows.  Take care and be well.  I appreciate your input and interest.

06/09/19 11:15 AM #347    


Kathleen Conway (Hickman)

Hmmm. . .It's Our Class Website, and that, in itself is Very Cool!  Thanks to All!    I am inspired to even see

the words 'share Reunion updates' here. . .!   I, for one, would like to stir up some chatter about another

NBHS Class of 1965 Reunion for the near future, perhaps even a 55th Reunion . . .now that would be

quite motivational!  I also suggest looking into synchronizing our site upgraded to be on the 'same page'

perhaps as our cell phones, laptops, tablets and the major social media outlets!  If a formal sync would

not work in our 'mix' than perhaps our Classmate Profiles could be updated with that data.   Let's Reunite

for,  and in 2020, Crimson Class of NBHS 1965!  wink




06/10/19 08:44 AM #348    


James Casey

Our 55th Reunion is already in the works and was discussed at our last Class Luncheon. August of 2020. Details will be forthcoming. As for the updating of the Website, Henry Laferriere has been instrumental in its origin, the intricacies of how it works, the cost factors, etc. He will be returnining from FL very soon and as the Administrator,these are questions that I would suggest should be run by him and the others who actually founded the site. These ideas are great, but so many folks have fixed and/or limited incomes and that concern, among others, must be considered. Unless of course, someone can find a very willing, affluent Benefactor that will assume ALL the expenses needed for a facelift!   lol  

06/10/19 10:18 AM #349    


Jack (John) Nunes

perhaps an appeal for donations occasionally might help. I and am sure others would be willing to kick in a few bucks now and then. 

Maybe even a go fund me or a PAYPAL account. I do both for various interests. 

Just an idea to consider  



06/10/19 11:45 AM #350    


Kathleen Conway (Hickman)

Wow!  I am excited!  Our NBHS Class of 1965 is scheduling a Reunion for August 2020!

How so very wondrful, thank you!  Please tell us more as soon as possible. . . .heart


Regarding administrative linkages and synchronizations with major social media platforms

I do think that such a strategy holds much promise and revitalization for our NBHS Class of

1965 webpage.  Let not a threat of the unknown become an obstacle to our growth.  I look

forward to learning more about our options for networking and connections, thank you!  

06/10/19 11:48 AM #351    


Kathleen Conway (Hickman)

Let's do a 'save the date' email to our class regarding August 2020 Class of 1965 NBHS

Reunion!   Pronto!  Por Favor. . .heart

06/10/19 01:47 PM #352    


James Casey

All thingsin good time.There's lots of groundwork, planning and working with vendors, etc. I have a full plate. It's 15 months qway. There are logistics and several considerations, not to mention costs. When things are definitively in place, people will know well in advance. This time around there will be a very small group of our Classmates helping out with details, as needed. As far as anything 5to due with this site, improvements, etc. that matter is out of my domain or area of concern. 

Far too early for posting specifics and confusing folks when the venue and details are not even settled. There will be a grand reunion, in August of 2020. That's all there is to say at this point. I wish I had the luxury of answering lots of questions, providing various thoughts, etc. But I  do not. We've gathered thoughts from those at the Luncheons, put a very general plan together and we shall move forward. There's plenty of legwork involved and one thing I can say without hesitation...the costs of these functions have skyrocketed. From venues, to food and also music. We will be planning for a Saturday evening in mid August. And locations wilh adequate facilities that can accomodate are quite limited in the area. Other than these basic details, ther really is nothing more to add at this time. Thanks for your understanding and support. 

06/10/19 10:29 PM #353    

Peter Hawes

I really appreciate the work that goes into the reunions.  I have missed many luncheons but I thought I would put in my 2 cents anyway.      The cocktail party at the Waterfront Grille now called ....was awesome. It was buy your own drinks & mingle. I liked it because I could move from person to person without being seated at a certain seat/ table for the the evening. I could easily hear everyone I wanted to hear. 😊 There may have been background music but it was not loud & facilitated conversation. The big event at Hawthorn- I had lots of fun dancing but the band was so loud that I really couldn’t hear the person next to me. The food was good. The event was very well organized.





06/11/19 08:05 AM #354    


James Casey

Thanks for the comments, Peter! Always a pleasure to hear from you! One thing, old friend ~ do you think you could put more than 2 cents worth in? LOL Glad you mentioned the Hawtorn Country Club. It was a great reunion. But now they are closed. Hope you can join us for our next luncheon, of which Nancy will be posting the site and time very soon. Miss you, Pete! Hope you can make it...   Father Jim

06/11/19 01:35 PM #355    


Kathleen Conway (Hickman)

It's so cool to see that folks are interested and communicating!  That's great!

I just received our Lunch Bunch email for June 27th 12 noon at Me and Ed's

Brock Avenue, New Bedford.  Photos requested please to post on our webpage

especially where our last Lunch Bunch picture posts are from two (2) years' past!

Oh My Goodness!  heart    Let It Continue. . .heart

06/11/19 07:14 PM #356    

Barbara Fernandes (Lanagan)

Sounds very exciting!  Have never been to a reunion so I hope to make the 2020!  Very proud of all the work you all do.  Like Jack said..we could chip in to keep it going.

06/12/19 07:09 AM #357    

Peter Hawes

what are estimated expenses & what address do we send a check to & what name should check be written too?


06/12/19 08:26 AM #358    


Geraldine Cardoza (Bailey)

I had such a good time at the last reunion.  After what had happened, everyone made me feel so welcome. I am really looking forward to this one.  Please let me know if I can help in any way.  Hope to see you at Me & Ed's.  Sorry I missed the last luncheon.heart



06/12/19 09:24 AM #359    


James Casey

Peter ~ Please hold onto your thoughts until we have finalized plans. Checks for the General Fund, which is maintained by Nancy and Jose are outside my domain. As far as $$$$ for tickets for the reunion, it is far too early. Costs have not been established. Hopefully you can make it to the next Luncheon on June 27th at Me and Ed's. Setting some time aside for a general discussion. Thanks for your concerns and offer of assistance. Hope to see you then! JC


06/12/19 11:17 AM #360    


Kathleen Conway (Hickman)

It's so fantastic that our NBHS Class of 1965 classmates are indicating interest in our August 2020 Reunion presently in the planning stages, but also in an updated NBHS Class of 1965 webpage!heart


It's great that time will be set aside at our June 27th Lunch Bunch for Reunion discussion.  Let me also 

suggest that a 'menu item' (bullet) be  added here under 'Click here to Contact Us" regarding our August

2020 Reunion. . .enlightenedheart


Way to Go Crimson Class of 1965 New Bedford High School!!!heart



06/13/19 10:00 AM #361    


Jack (John) Nunes

06/14/19 02:18 PM #362    


Kathleen Conway (Hickman)

Beautiful, John, thank you!heart

06/15/19 11:31 AM #363    

Peter Hawes

kathy, myself, Jack ( John) , Casey- just a couple years ago in Mr Cabral’s science class. And after school writing some quote 100 times for talking in class, no homework....

8th grade. Normandin


06/15/19 02:55 PM #364    


James Casey

Peter ...I was there for double the time!! But Joe Rocha got me out for Baseball Practice...and did he let me have it! I'd rather have stayed in Cabral's Class for a month!!  lol


06/16/19 06:21 AM #365    

Peter Hawes




06/16/19 09:25 AM #366    


Amelia Leontire (White)

I love all of your posts...such fun memories!



06/16/19 11:06 AM #367    


Maria de Melo (Gulla)

Happy Father's Day to all Dads

I love all the posts affirming the continuation of our website.  As one of the administrators, I want to add to the conversation.  It's great that so many people want to contribute financially.  If you look right above the tool box on this page it shows the number value of stored memory available.  Nancy and Jose cover the payments.  Dave Medeiros receives the announcements from the website owner.  It's amazing that the website will be ten years old this July.  Henry set it up for the 45th reunion.  Along with adminnistratros contributions, things like 50/50 raffles, money that Bruce collected in a jar at reunions, fees left from reunions expenses have maintained it.  I agree with Jim Casey that assigning a fee from the members may not be appropriate considering fixed incomes.  Administrators have access to more functions such as approving announcements, but overall , a redesign of the home page and available pages would be up to the others administrators.  However, anyone can post in the Various Topics, photos,send private / public classmate messages in classmates' pages, view birthday announcements, post announcements in Message Forum page. Classmates were invited to post also in  In my opinion, the membership can post in several areas for free.  We are set with memory for a couple of years.  I contribute here and there in gratitude for being connected. 

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